Extension of Council Terms to 1 year

Proposal Summary

The proposal seeks to extend the council term length in Lithium DAO from 6 months to a full year, starting from the next council term on January 1st, 2024, to allow for the development and implementation of longer-term strategies.


The current 6-month term for each council member has been observed to provide a limited timeframe for the effective execution of long-term strategies and visions for the Lithium DAO. In order to facilitate a more comprehensive and strategic approach towards achieving the DAO’s objectives, a change in the council term duration has been proposed.

Proposal Detail

The proposal aims to extend the council term from a 6-month period to a 12-month term. This extension will apply to the upcoming council round, with the new term taking effect from January 1st, 2024. The change is proposed to be implemented without any adjustment to the council’s accountability or budget.

The proposed change is not expected to have any technical implications as it primarily concerns the council’s administrative structure. However, it does require the approval of the Lithium community, as it will significantly impact how the council operates and the pace at which the DAO’s strategic objectives are pursued.

Expected outcome/Benefit

The increase in the council term length is expected to allow for a more thorough planning and execution of longer-term strategies. Council members could engage in more in-depth discussions, carefully plan their actions, and have enough time to monitor the outcomes and adjust their strategies as necessary. This could lead to more effective decision-making and progress for the Lithium DAO.

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A long term solution to create long term goals for a long term project. 100% support. If utilised properly by subsequent councils, it would be a key addition

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Fantastic! Let’s push to implementation💯

It’s a really good idea.
At least enough time for the council members to come up with a plan and execute it :+1:

Very good proposal, If the 6 month term is short for the current council members. Then it should be extended for the incoming to be able to perform their duties :saluting_face:

I support the proposal :+1:… But also let the 1yr be utilized well by the council
With lack of good plans, a long time will seem short. Good luck :+1:

It’s a great strategy. Love to see the implementation :+1:

Great proposal. I’m in full support :100:

A good idea. Waiting for January 1st :tada:

It’s a good proposal Lithium :+1:

A 1 year term makes more sense, enough time to implement well thought out strategies

The new Council better give their best with the extended term :muscle:

awesome, they’ve been doing a great job i support the extension :+1:

it is a welcome idea, hoping to see new heights for lithium as we progress :clinking_glasses:

Good job another team js just perfect for lithium progress

Extending the term to 1 year is definitely the right thing to do

A very good idea. It takes time to implement long-term ideas. Extending the term of office to one year is a good solution

It’s a good idea :+1:

very good solution, I’m waiting when the project is launched