Council Nomination: CryptoRachel - Community

Hey, what’s up, everyone? This is CryptoRachel, and I’m stoked about Lithium.

I’ve been in the crypto game for a hot minute now, and I can tell you that Lithium is the real deal. I’m all about decentralization, and I believe that Lithium Finance has the potential to change the game. I love the fact that it’s trying to solve a real problem that can be applied in so many use cases.

I want to help build a kickass community around each potential use case. With my long time experience in crypto, I understand how it works. I want to get everyone hyped about what Lithium has to offer, so you know I’ll be bringing the heat. I’m not about that stuffy, corporate vibe. I want to create a community that’s chill, fun, and welcoming to everyone.

So, if you’re down with Lithium and you want to see this project reach its full potential, then vote for me. Let’s make some magic happen, people.